Sixth Form Leadership Team

To act as a role model for students and promote the ethos of the school: 

Veritas and ‘Bringing Christ to All and All to Christ’

Each Senior Prefect needs to be an approachable member of sixth form which other students can come to for assistance and support. As Senior Prefects, we need to be able to lead a group of prefects and make sure they attend their required duties. Senior Prefects need to be able to organise school events effectively, communicating as part of a team and reporting back to the Senior Leadership Team. Senior Prefects are required to attend all school events when needed and to carry out at least one of their duties a week. The Senior Prefects need to ensure all school rules are adhered to, e.g. making sure students wear the correct uniform. If Senior Prefects have any trouble during their duties, they are to report to the Head Students or Deputy Head Students and complete any work that has been requested by these individuals. In addition, the Senior Prefects need to ensure they include updating the school website when required, hold regular meetings to make sure all prefects are aware of what they need to do and appoint any tasks that need to be completed.

Below we have our Senior Prefect and Ambassador's descriptions of what their roles involve in order to support our school community.

Below we have our Senior Prefect and Ambassador's introductions with explanations of what their roles involve to support our school community.

Head Students - Louise.b & Thomas.b

As head students, we are the face of the school which means we represent the school community at public events and speak when requested. We act as role models for the younger students embodying all which school strive for, as well as offering support to those in our school community.

In addition, we are expected to lead the senior prefects and are responsible that they attend all their duties.  We regularly organise meetings for the senior prefect team, so we can discuss and allocate responsibilities to members. Students and senior prefects alike should feel able to approach us if any issues regarding their roles arise, which means we have to be approachable members of the sixth form. We strive to promote the school ethos: “Bringing Christ to all and all to Christ” in all our responsibilities whether that be organising different events, public speaking or delivering assemblies.

Deputy Head Students - Jackie.dv, eva.b & josh.c

As the Deputy Head Students we act as role models for students and promote the ethos of the school, "Bringing Christ to All and All to Christ". We have a duty to provide a presence to the younger students so that they can turn to us for assistance and support. Furthermore, we support the Head Students in representing St Michael’s at school events; leading a group of Prefects by ensuring all roles are fulfilled; attending all of the Senior Prefect meetings as well as meetings with the Senior Leadership Team and the Deputy Director of the Sixth Form. We also have our own duties and roles that we continuously work on in order to help run continuous projects throughout the school

As the PTA ambassador I work closely with the parent-teacher association attending meetings and representing the student body. I also support them with fundraising, attending events and advertising to our peers. The role of PTA ambassadors gives me and the sixth form prefect team the opportunity to work together as students with both parents and teachers since forming close links between school and home is essential. This role is vital as I represent the students of our school to parents by being an example of our school's catholic community both at school and outside.

Sixth Form & PTA Ambassador - Emily.r

As Sixth Form Ambassador it is my role to support the Senior Leadership Team, help to advertise upcoming Sixth Form events and also represent the entire Sixth Form at public events. I work closely with Ms Inglis to improve the Sixth Form in any way possible by taking on board ideas from the students, parents and teachers. My ultimate aim is to make the Sixth form the best it can be. I also have links with the Parent Teaching Association (PTA) which means that I work with them to ensure a number of events throughout the school year run smoothly and efficiently.

English Ambassador - Ciara.e

As the English ambassador, I encourage all students to read and develop an interest in literature. Alongside this, I help with organising assemblies for the department with the subject leader. Most fundamentally, I endeavor to transmit a passion for reading and as this underpins not only English as a subject but also the basis of our society.

Science Ambassador - Moradeke.a

As the science ambassador, my role is to try and create an interest in science amongst students and help them to improve, so that they can feel supported and encouraged if they wish to take science at higher levels, like triple science at GCSEs or for A Levels. This may be done through mentoring younger students, organising events such as assemblies or talks, answering any other questions one on one and encouraging the best ways to revise by working with the school's science department.

KS3 and KS4 Student Council Ambassadors - Patrycja.u & Emanuel.a

As the School Council Ambassadors, it is our job to plan, deliver and organise the School Council meetings. We have to ensure our school display is updated regularly, to meet with the Teacher selected to be in charge of overseeing the School Council and to clearly communicate the things talked about in the School Council meetings. Finally, we make sure that the whole school are aware of any upcoming competitions that they could enter and to initiate in or out of school events for the School Council to get involved in.

Environmental Ambassadors - isobel.s & mawen.j

As the environmental ambassador we will be leading the Environmental council. We have weekly meetings with the environmental council to express ideas and opinions for change within the school. We also help the Geography Department plan and present Geography assemblies to ensure the school are aware of measures put in place in order to maintain the high standards and protect the environment.

Maths Ambassador – gosia.c

Our role as the maths ambassador is to assist the maths department in any way possible. The responsibilities include helping in classes so that students get support as quickly as possible as well as meeting with the head of the department regularly to talk about ways that the maths department can be slightly altered to ensure that students reach their full potential.

Student Mentor- dominic.w, amy.a & ross.e

Our role as student mentors consists of regularly meeting younger students to discuss how things are going and any issues they’re having, our role is to support the students and advise them on how to fix issues they’re having and how to avoid making the mistakes we have made in the past from our personal experiences. Furthermore, we meet with Miss Collacott weekly to work as a team to resolve some issues that students may have trouble with so the students can get the best out of this system. Overall, we think this will play a crucial role in ensuring our students stay on track to get the best out of their education.


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