What our current students say

Giorgia Ferro, Year 13 - Past Student

When it came to choosing a Sixth Form to continue my education at, St Michael’s seemed an obvious choice for me.  For 5 years, St Michael’s had provided me with an overwhelming sense of comfort and belonging that I know would be difficult to find anywhere else.  My knowledge of St Michael’s Sixth Form stood me in good stead to know that I would have access to brilliant courses taught by dedicated teachers, as well as being surrounded by motivated students.  However, after being a part of the Sixth Form, I am now aware of how much more the school has to offer.  Seeing my own brother and many friends progress through, I knew St Michael’s was the perfect choice to grow as an individual, preparing me for university, in addition to adulthood in general.  From the first day, the pastoral care and the level of academic support became apparent. Despite the large shift from GCSE’s to A Levels, the school supported each and every one of the Sixth Formers through this difficult educational transition.  During this time in Sixth Form, many big, life-changing decisions have to be made, so this support became crucial and extremely beneficial.  The extensive opportunities available at St Michael’s allowed me to broaden my horizons outside of the classroom as well.  From community placements, helping younger students excel in their own academic journeys, to participating in sporting events, musical productions, public speaking competitions and becoming prefects, allow students at St Michael’s to experience a well-rounded and varied 2 years away from their chosen courses.  These opportunities are vital in providing new skills, but also preparing students for life beyond school.  St Michael’s Sixth Form has been an exhilarating and enjoyable experience.  It has helped me to decide on a university course, explore future options past university and put me in the best possible position to create a successful application to universities.  St Michael’s provides its students with a variety of opportunities to excel academically and develop your own individual character, making each and every one of its students unique.  The school has helped me to develop into a young adult and taught me the type of person I would like to become.

Eva Woods, Year 13 - Past Student

Choosing to stay at St Michael’s Catholic High School was an easy decision for me to make.  After attending the school for five years I have built up strong relationships with my peers and teachers, which provided me with a lot of support outside of my academic subjects.  St Michael’s gave me a sense of belonging and comfort which I think I would fail to find and rebuild in two years elsewhere.  Through the guidance and support I received during my GCSE’s I knew that the teachers were aware of my strengths and weaknesses and would be able to guide me through my A Level journey.  Because Sixth Form is a big change the teachers pastoral care was apparent from the start.  From talks about managing time and workload to discussions with subject teachers to make sure we made the right choices shows the level of commitment our teachers have.  Another attractive factor about St Michael’s is the opportunities offered outside of the classroom.  From community placements to visiting speakers, the school offers you great resources to allow your personal statement to stand out if applying for university if it is the path you decide to take.  I am very glad I chose to stay at St Michael’s as it has developed me into the person I am today.

Laurianne Peter, - Past Student
After my GCSEs I thought I wanted ‘a change of scene’ and that the other school that I was going to would offer me more…but boy, was I wrong.  After spending a week at a new school, I knew without hesitation, that I had to return to St Michael’s.  I chose to come back for a number of reasons.  Firstly, I am no stranger to the community and the support offered a St Michael’s; something I’d not seen in the other schools visited.  This is especially demonstrated in the school’s unique ethos of: ‘Bringing Christ to All and All to Christ’.  The significant difference that I truly believe separates St Michael’s from other schools is the genuine care the staff have for students; they care for you as an individual and about your well-being as well, of course, as your academic progress.

Secondly, I was already aware of the excellent quality of teaching: I couldn’t have been more thankful for the personal support that I received, both before and during my studies for GCSEs; if it weren’t for the teachers continuously sacrificing their break and lunchtimes to help me, I would have never achieved the results I did.  Through the flexibility, patience and advice of the teachers I am now studying subjects I love and hope to excel in.

Thirdly, St Michael’s provides a wide range of opportunities for the Sixth Form.  These include fundraising events such as the Sponsored Walk and Lenten Campaign to stand up for social justice, community placement and becoming a prefect.  These have allowed me to improve and develop my communication skills and ability to work in a team.  The Sixth Form blog, which is updated regularly, is full of useful notices and possibilities that we can apply for, such as: University Open Days, Taster lessons and many other support devices.

Ethan Brewer, - Past Student

I knew that St Michael’s was the only plausible pathway for me to further my education after my GCSE’s.  Throughout my 5 years, the quality of care and impeccable standard of learning has been second to none, a family in which I am unimaginably proud to belong.  From the always helpful guidance given by each and every teacher to the vast facilities and bubbling spirit between students, I always know St Michael’s was the only place for me.

Elizabeth Hall, - Past Student

Choosing to stay on at St Michael’s Sixth Form has enabled me to continue to grow both academically and personally.  It was an easy decision to stay on at the Sixth Form, as I knew that the school alongside the teaching could provide me with the best sixth form education.  The support and guidance I am receiving as a year 12 student is proving to invaluable in helping me achieve my ambition of studying at university.  Sixth form has enabled me to continue to develop my independence as a learner and with the help and knowledge provided by the teachers, I am certain to achieve the A level results I am aiming for.

Sebastien Sanseau, - Past Student

There isn’t anything that another school can do that St Michael’s can’t.  I flourished at St Michael’s, both as a person and academically.  I have no regrets about coming back; this is where I truly belong.

After completing my GCSEs at St Michael’s, I was faced with the decision of choosing which path to go down, with the help of St Michael’s I was able to achieve grades at GCSE that gave me many options for the next two years of my education.  After much thought, I felt that remaining a student at St Michael’s would be the best course of action.  Having spent five years at the school and utilizing the staff and resources to help me achieve my maximum potential in my GCSE exams, to me, it seemed logical that the school would again be able to help me tremendously to achieve my potential at A levels like they have for the last five years.

Victoria Allum, - Past Student

I have attended St Michael’s since year 7.  I am now in my final year of A levels and I am studying Geography, Philosophy and Ethics and Sociology.  I chose to stay at St Michael’s because of the support I have always received from all my teachers.  I have been very fortunate to go on pilgrimage to Lourdes twice and also participate in the school productions.  Life at St Michael’s is always busy but I feel the teachers really explain their expectations well and that someone is always on hand if I need any help.  I would recommend St Michael’s Sixth Form to anyone who is looking for a nurturing environment but also where the staff encourage you to strive and reach your full potential.

Reece Jarman, - Past Student

For me coming back to St Michael’s was an extremely easy choice.  Originally, after year 11, I wanted to leave as I though other schools would be better suited to my academic abilities, however, after looking around other schools, you quickly learn that no other school strives for our success as much as St Michael’s.  After seeing other school’s departments, such as their Geography department, I realised the best way forward for me academically was to continue at St Michael’s to progress onto university.

Francesca Napolitano, - Past Student

There are so many reasons why I could never have imagined leaving St Michael’s to go to a new Sixth Form.  The professional relationship between the teachers and the students at our school is like no other.  The amount of extra help I’ve been given throughout my GCSE’s and now my A Levels has helped me massively.  I would never have been able to get the results I achieved last year without the true commitment of our staff.  The A Levels I’m currently taking are Biology, Psychology and Chemistry.  When I leave school, I hope to read medicine.  Although this is a very high goal, I believe that I have a much better chance of succeeding in this with the dedication of the teachers here, who have already offered to give up their free time in order to go through some topics I’m struggling with.  This is what makes St Michael’s different from any other school I know.

Eoin Canning, - Past Student

I chose to come back to St Michael’s Catholic High School as I believe this is the best environment for me to progress further in my studies and help develop my character in a positive way.  Throughout my school life I have been blessed with opportunities to help others and myself progress as a person.  The school ethos is absolutely remarkable and is a key feature in my decision to stay on at Sixth Form.  The staff here sum up the nurturing and friendly atmosphere, which is further expressed through the togetherness of everyone is our fundraising schemes.  This really helped me realise how lucky I am and that our teachers are a gift that we shouldn’t take for granted.  The relentless advice and homework setting enabled me to get 5 grade 7’s (A’s) in my GCSE’s.  For my A Levels I chose Geography, History and PE as these set of subject I feel very passionate about although I am unsure of what particular future lies ahead of me.  Finally, I chose this Sixth Form over others because the continuous help given to me and the warm, welcoming environment is allowing me to achieve my goals daily.  I hope you can enjoy St Michael’s Sixth Form just as much as I am.

Heather Keilty, - Past Student

From the start of year 7 and throughout the 5 years as a student at St Michael’s, the amazing teachers and facilities at the school made the journey through GCSE’s as easy and reassuring as possible.  The support from the staff at St Michael’s gave me so much confidence within my education, which is the main reason why I decided to stay and complete my A Levels here.  Compared to other schools that I visited I felt that not many other schools had private studing areas and facilities for the Sixth Form at St Michael’s, the Aquinas centre provides a space away from the rest of the school that makes this independent study area a quiet escape from a busy school.

Alison Dwyer, - Past Student

Over the past five years that I’ve attended St Michael’s, it has taught me the roles of responsibility, respect, teamwork and friendship, which has ultimately led me to become a better and wiser person.  Therefore, I chose to continue my amazing journey at this school as well as the ongoing support I have received in the time I’ve been here.

Carmen Dolarea, - Past Student

My experiences at St Michael’s since the day I first joined in September 2016 have been absolutely incredible.  Whilst studying at St Michael’s, not only have I acquired the best academic skills I could ever ask for, with the company of the fantastic friends I have been able to make here.  Thanks to St Michael’s, I have been given the opportunity to learn and grow as a person, to help all those who need it and to always strive for excellence.  There has been unconditional support of all my teachers, who have done the impossible in order to help every single student to succeed.  Taking into account that this, is my case, has entailed more effort from their part due to the fact that English is my second language.  These reasons made me choose St Michael’s over any other Sixth Forms.  I am certain that here I am going to continue maturing and learning how to be a better person.  Moreover, I am sure that at St Michael’s I will be able to achieve what I need to achieve in order to study Business and International Relations in the near future.

David Fitzgerald, - Past Student

I was very happy to return to St Michael’s as the 5 years before hand had met my academic and social needs.  The teachers here are very welcoming and friendly towards Sixth Form students, granting us the freedom to ask questions openly and keep in contact with teachers during after school hours to help with assignments and homework.  As well as this the Sixth Form common room offers a lot of seating areas to catch up with friends and talk about our school life.  St Michael’s also offers students great experiences and schemes to help others and to improve ourselves as people, such as the buddy system in which a student is partnered with a year 7 to help with their queries and any troubles they are having.  This gives us a sense of responsibility and pride in the impact they are having on a younger person’s life by acting as a role model.

Anna Yadala, - Past Student

I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology with the aspiration of studying medicine.  One of the reasons I chose to continue at St Michael’s for Sixth Form is because of the sense of community and familiarity I feel.  I know that all my teachers are here constantly to help me whenever I need them and the St Michael’s community is tightly knit to make me feel comfortable.

Grace Rios, - Past Student

Personally, I chose to return to St Michael’s because I felt that I would get the support needed to excel in my later life.  At this school I feel comfortable to express my thoughts, present my ideas and learn from my mistakes with help from my peers and teachers.  I am currently studying Spanish, Media and Btec Business.  I gained experience by practising Spanish at home with my family.  Thus in the future I hope to go to university to study media journalism or languages.

Dean Lobo, - Past Student

I decided to stay at St Michael’s because of the community atmosphere.  By the time that you have completed your GCSE’s, you will be treated with a level of respect and trust from teachers that allows you to take advantage of freedoms that you don’t have in previous years.  Help is always on hand which provides a sense of security and comfort.  Throughout your next two years, many chances to excel not just academically, but pastorally are offered to you and I encourage you take full advantage of what this school offers.  From community placements to prefect roles, by the time you leave, you will have both achieved academic success and made memories that will stick with you and carry your forward in life.


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