What our current students say

Louise Bairos, Year 13 – Head Girl

When it came to choosing where to study post-16, I knew college wasn’t an option for me. I work much better in a routine environment where things are structured and reliable. My reasons for staying at St. Michaels were simple: I truly believe every teacher at St Michaels cares deeply for each individual student and wants them to do well. They are always supportive – school related or not. I also believe there is a calming, positive sense of community here which, when visiting other sixth forms, I did not get. The balance here between getting the best possible academic results and also caring for one another like family is perfect. At some other schools I visited I felt as though I wasn’t smart enough to fit in but at St Michaels, we have a huge array of varying academic students from all walks of life meaning no one feels like the odd one out. I have never felt out of place in my 7 years at this schools, especially in sixth form where the relationships between students and teachers become more bonded and relaxed. The support offered for post-18 plans is also amazing. We are equipped with uni-frog accounts straight in our entry into year 12 where we began to browse university and apprenticeship options from an early stage so when it came to beginning our real university applications, we feel fully prepared. I was aided in completing my application quickly and smoothly – receiving much help with my personal statement and was able to send off my application exactly when I was ready too. Likewise, support is also available for those not looking to continue education at university or whom might have other plans.  Another reason St Michaels sixth form is a good option is the Sixth Form Centre, newly refurbished, being a multi-purpose study and communal space for year 13s. It is a silent space for us to work in whenever we need to and is conjoined with a computer room, exclusively for sixth formers. Year 12 are also equipped with their own silent study space in the Aquinas Centre where laptops are available for whoever may need them. Mr Flain, the head of sixth form, is also a huge asset to the St Michaels sixth form. He truly believes that everyone is capable of reaching their maximum potential and will aid you unconditionally in getting there. In my opinion, staying at St Michael’s sixth form has been the best possible option for me and I have 0 regrets. I have never experienced a place where I have felt to be such a part of a caring family and I am beginning to come to terms with the fact that I will really miss this when my time comes to leave.

Tom Broxton, Year 13 – Head Boy

There are many important factors to what makes a school both successful and enjoyable for everyone involved, the best part about St. Michael’s is the care taken for every student. Throughout every academic year all the staff have your best interests in mind. This can make the difficult tasks so much more achievable as you are never without someone to help, however simple the task may seem. This observation is particularly valid when applied to sixth form life. Smaller classes and greater teacher involvement than previously possible mean that tasks that can seem daunting faced alone can slowly be broken down and taken on with confidence and therefore success. For instance, when I first attempted a draft at a personal statement, I was totally lost for what to write. Even though I had written CVs and similar documents before, the task of completing my university application alongside the other work set seemed monumental. However, once we had all been sat down and given helpful resources on how to go about creating a statement, the following redrafts contained marked improvement. This is only one example of the support I have received; throughout the period of lockdown my teachers made a concerted effort to maintain contact with us and were keen to help if we ran into any problems. This period was difficult for me and many others so the ability to maintain anything resembling normality whilst also ensuring I did not fall behind was of paramount importance. Whereas friends of mine who attend different schools lacked the same level of support I was grateful for the extra help I received in what was certainly a difficult time for everyone, compiled with the uncertainty of when we would return to normality. While normality still seems a long way away for the vast majority, life continues at it’s usual deceptive pace and without the important contributions of all at St. Michaels it would be incredibly difficult not to get left behind. I’m relieved to be part of such a warm and mutually beneficial school community which shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Eva Biernacka, Year 13 – Deputy Head Girl

Sixth form at St Michael’s is really good in terms of subject teachers, over my time in year 12 and 13 I have been able to go to them for help with my course whatever that may be and they are always willing to put time and effort into helping me understand something. The sixth form centre is also a really nice area for both work and break times, having a section dedicated to sixth formers creates a friendly and mature environment for us to use. Help with university applications is also very thorough; I have received really good assistance with both my personal statement and UCAS application. This makes preparing for university and post sixth form life much less stressful and easier to handle.

Jackie De Villiers, Year 13 – Deputy Head Girl

Going to another school or college for Sixth Form was never an option for me. I have always felt very comfortable at St Michael’s, the school has a great and friendly atmosphere and I have never felt out of place. The teachers are always helpful and supportive and so any difficulties with schoolwork are always easily fixed. Now that I am beginning to choose my potential future universities and doing the application process, the school and sixth form staff have provided plenty of helpful materials as well as helping with personal statements and providing references. I am very glad I stayed at St Michael’s for sixth form as they are making the process as easy and as smooth as possible.

Josh Clack, Year 13 – Deputy Head Boy

The school has really helped me with doing my university application, at the start of year 12 we were set up with unifrog accounts to help inspire us with different potential courses and universities. Even throughout lockdown we still received many emails from the school teachers about potential courses and virtual open days. Recently the school teachers have made sure that are university applications are correct and our personal statements are suitable. Without the help of the school I would have really struggled to complete a high standard university application.

Dom Walsh, Year 13 – Student Ambassador

I feel as though sixth form allows for a more cohesive feel between students as you are able to build stronger relationships with your teachers and each other. This is extremely helpful when going through the university application process as you have a strong support system to help you along the way. My form tutor and subject teachers have been extremely helpful in writing my personal statement and catering to specific questions I may have had regarding the university process. Since coming back from the lockdown my subject teachers have been working extremely hard in order to make sure that we go through our courses both efficiently and quickly making my A-levels a lot more manageable.

Moradeke Adetunji, Year 13 – Science Ambassador

St Michaels has helped me personally with my future academic education through various ways. During this especially tough period of covid-19 the school has done everything in their power to aid me in decisions for university. I was struggling to pick between a number of engineering courses so the school recommended me a couple of teachers who had engineering degrees to help me finalise on a decision. As well as that my form tutors are currently helping me with polishing off my personal statement to make it the best that it can possibly be.

Emmanuel King, Year 13

In times of great uncertainty, which 2020 unfortunately brought upon us, St Michael’s Catholic High School continues to take pride in maintaining its high standards and attitude to work, through the support its staff and personnel continues to provide for us. Their words of advice, feedback and encouragement have helped me to stay on top of work and to aim to achieve the best results possible, for the prospect of further education at University. I feel very fortunate to have a great selection of teachers who I can depend on to help me improve my work and fuel my desire to reach my maximum potential in each and every one of my subjects. They have also been very informative and helpful in the process of UCAS and University applications. I only hope that I’ll be able to fulfil expectations and go above and beyond what’s expected. It’s the least I owe to myself and this brilliant school.

Patrycja Utnik, Year 13 – Student Council Ambassador

St Michaels helped me with my application to university so I could have the greatest chance at succeeding in getting into my chosen course. Over the last two years of sixth form, teachers have supported us in ensuring we made the most of what we had access to and gave us many opportunities that will make our application easier. When it came to personal statements the school ensured we were in the best position and had enough support, adapted to everyone’s specific course and their needs to apply for it. Beyond this, certain teachers volunteered to help out when it came to indecisiveness of picking both the appropriate course and universities so that we as students felt assured that the choices we had made were the most fitting to what we wanted to do in the future. These are only a few of the reasons I decided St Michaels was where I wanted to study at A-Level. When I chose to study at St Michaels’ sixth form, I knew that I would receive the support I needed to do well and gain all the skills I would need to do so.

Aidan Nash, Year 13

Choosing St Michael’s Sixth Form after my 5 years in the lower school allowed me to dive headfirst into my A levels, wasting no time adjusting and instead let me get ahead with my studies. Having already formed, strong relationships with teachers makes my A levels seem far easier than they’d otherwise be, as I know any call for help will be met with teachers glad to assist me even if it’s in their own time. The school has been invaluable in helping me with my application to Oxford University, whether it be carefully analysing and giving feedback on each draft of my personal statement, or even bringing in an Oxford alumnus for me to talk to about applying. The success I’ve had in my exams over the years is no doubt a direct result of coming to this school, and the friendships and skills that I have developed during my time here will last for the rest of my life.

Mawen Javier, Year 13

Over the past 6 years I have attended this school, I have been able to create a wonderful, professional relationship with my teachers. I knew I wanted to remain at St Michael’s because they offered such a great environment for students to thrive in, and the sense of community that is quite prominent here, is hard to find elsewhere. Teachers undoubtedly offer such incredible support, which has given me the opportunity to learn and grow academically, emotionally and spiritually. The nurturing and friendly atmosphere that is so natural to this school has made my learning here so enjoyable and rewarding.

Ethan Fay, Year 13

Since year 7 St. Michaels has been an excellent place for me to learn and grow and the change to sixth form was so seamless. I cannot imagine having continued my studies anywhere else. The support I have received academically from my fantastic subject teachers continuously has been everything I needed for my A-levels. The St Michael’s staff are so helpful and approachable that it was easy to ask for the exceptional help and support I needed in my application to Oxford.

Lade Idris, Year 13

Having been at St Michaels for 7 years and also attending another school for a small amount of time, I’d say the St Michaels school sixths form community is the best, most supportive system I’ve ever experienced. All teachers are always willing to help at any time when it comes to work, personal statements or just general advice. Especially the head of Sixth form: Mr Flain. He does all he can to make sure everyone is comfortable and coping well with the stress of Sixth form which is something other schools neglect to think about. Mental health is a key factor for success and the school does everything they can to make sure that everyone is okay. He wants everyone to reach their full potentials and does everything he can to make sure of it. The huge support system within the Sixth form is the reason I chose to stay after GCSEs because I knew that the levels of organisation and resources at the School would be more than enough to get me the grades I need for university. As well as that, you’re able to speak to any teacher about anything, even if they’re not your own, which helps with the anxiety of school as you know there will always be someone around who cares and is ready to listen. All in all, I’m glad I stayed at St Michaels and encourage everyone else to do the same.

Claudia Bulow, Year 13

I decided to stay at St Michael’s for reasons such as the familiarity but also the comfort and belonging of the school that would be rare to find elsewhere. At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to attend sixth form here but after looking at other sixth forms, I knew I wouldn’t be able to find the impeccable quality of teaching and learning. The nurturing environment alongside the encouragement from teachers to reach my full potential is why I ultimately decided to stay. Whilst applying to university, support and lots of resources were always readily available to me - I have never felt alone during the process.

Molly Redmond, Year 12

As I have attended St Michael’s school for 5 years it was an easy decision to decide to remain here to study for my further education. One thing that influenced my decision was the fact that in school it feels like a community where teachers are friendly and willing to help, whether that is to do with school work or not, everyone welcomes you in. Another reason why this was an easy decision to make was because of my results that I attained at GCSE’s. Without the help and support from the school I wouldn’t be so pleased with the results that I got and I believe that by staying here for sixth form I can achieve the same level of success and achievement with my A levels. During the long summer I was anxious about starting this new change in my life, however the teachers of St Michael’s made this transition as easy and comfortable as possible. As well as being able to offer a sense of belonging and support, the sixth form provides both choices of A levels and B-tecs to accommodate a variety of subjects for students, which they could later pursue in further education. This sixth form also offers a new sixth form centre which has sofas and tables to study, or the Aquinas centre which gives you access to laptops and a quiet place to work.

Laura Phillips, Year 12

From the day I stepped foot in St Michael’s, I knew that it was the school for me, and no other schools in the vicinity could persuade me to change my mind. I felt that throughout my 5 years in St Michael’s, I was provided with support and an overwhelming effort from all teachers. When the time came to make the decision about where I would further my education for 6th form, I didn’t even look at any other school, as I knew that if I wanted to provide myself with the best opportunities possible, St Michael’s was the place for me. The staff and teachers offer numerous opportunities for the students, and never hold us back with anything that we want to do. Although I have only spent a short amount of time in year 12 so far, I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it and I am looking forward to continue learning and growing with St Michael’s school, in a positive and encouraging environment.

Ellie Marquis Rodriguez, Year 12

After having moved schools 12 times in my lifetime, choosing to stay at St Michael’s Catholic High School for sixth form was an easy decision for me. I started in year 10 as a new student, both in the school and the country, and St Michael’s immediately embraced me and helped me to build my new home in England. After just attending the school for a little less than 3 years now I have built strong relationships with my peers and my teachers who provided me with the undivided support I needed when transitioning to a new school. The community and motivation offered at this school is something I would not have found anywhere else – the staff and teachers have a real and genuine care for the students; they care about your overall wellbeing as well as your academic progress.

Antonia Sicheri-Peel, Year 12

I was very prepared for the change from year 11 to sixth form to be daunting and anxiety-inducing, but at St. Michaels that was not the case at all. The teachers understood all my worries and queries, answering without hesitation and with all the encouragement I needed. I was kept up-to-date and well informed in all matters that I might be interested or concerned with and I knew, without a doubt, that any email I sent would be answered quickly, usually within the same day. The new routine was easy to fall into and even with the ever-changing conditions due to the pandemic I never felt uneasy or nervous. Any teething problems I encountered in the first couple weeks being a sixth form student instead of a year 11 was rectified efficiently, something I am very thankful for. I never disliked school but sixth form has re-established my love for learning and for the three subjects I have chosen to study.

Bianca De Villa, Year 12

Initially, I was conflicted between what sixth form I wanted to study my A levels at, however, I soon came to realise that St Michael's was the only viable option for me. Despite the current circumstances of Covid-19, the transition between GCSE and A level was nothing but smooth. The constant stream of help and support from the staff even months prior to results day ensured that no stone was left unturned in terms of guiding both new and old students in continuing their educational journey and instilled confidence in me that I was adequately prepared for the next academic step. From the very moment I entered the new sixth form centre on the first day I knew I had made the right decision. Whilst I was self-assured I could achieve excellent results and pursue my ambition of a career in medical law by continuing on at St Michael's as I had done previously, the strong, professional student-teacher relationship I've experienced since year 7 was one of the main reasons that drove me to stay. The diligent and caring staff always go the extra mile as their passion for teaching extends well beyond the classroom, an attribute that other schools lack - their number one priority is the progress and wellbeing of each and every single student to allow them to thrive and reach their maximum potential, whether that be through their excellent pastoral care and understanding subject choice accommodation that facilitates to each individual's needs to helping a student struggling with a topic outside of lesson time and post 18 advice. The warm sense of community and belonging at St Michael's is like no other: Personally, for me, the familiar environment allowed me to be comfortable in my surroundings and ease the big jump from year 11 to 12. This security has enabled me to get involved in many extra-curricular opportunities, including becoming a Prefect and partaking in community placement which has developed me into the person I am today and provided me with fundamental, lifelong skills. Looking back now several months into year 12 here at St Michael's, I can't imagine myself being anywhere else and I'm proud to call this school my second home.

Hannah O’Brien, Year 12

The support provided at our sixth form is invaluable. Over this transition period of this year’s abrupt end to year 11 to sixth form all of my subject teachers have provided resources to catch us up on any knowledge we may have forgotten or missed out on and have been incredible at making sure every student is confident and has a full understanding of the concepts we’re studying. Our Sixth Form Centre and the Aquinas Centre provide so much space to work in outside of lessons, meaning the free periods we have can be spent productively and with the right ICT resources. The warmth and complete commitment to their students is what separates our sixth form from others; not once have I felt uncomfortable asking my teachers for extra help or going to them outside of lesson and, as someone who relies on their teachers for help, this is crucial for me. All of the Sixth Form teachers are always available to come to with any issues or concerns we have; from changing subjects to getting more support/resources, they offer their advice and patience – even teachers who don’t teach me - which is a quality so unique to St Michaels and a trait that has proven to be vital to me throughout these past few months.

Ethan Sheerin, Year 12

The reason I chose to remain at St Michaels and not look elsewhere is because I firmly believe that I would not receive the level of support from other sixth forms around Watford. The teachers at St Michael’s get to know you on a personal level, so this makes it easier to ask for help or advice. Due to this I have been able to quickly overcome any problems I have faced so far, and this would not have been the case had I have moved elsewhere after year 11. In addition to this, the resources available are also very useful. Extra, optional revision assist in my knowledge growth in the subjects I am studying. This is all supplied by the subject teachers meaning that you will not have to go out of your way to find useful study sources.

Anthony Foley, Year 12

So far during my time at St Michael's sixth form, I have found that the teachers provided a great amount of support. For example, in all the subjects I have chosen, the feedback I have received has been very useful, detailed and quick to get back. Also, they have offered all the extra resources that you would need, and there have already been revision classes made available for those who need them. In addition to this, you are given more freedom to do your own work, and with the Aquinas centre the school has, it is easier to do so. Any extra work you decide to do, the teachers will be happy to help with and mark.

Patryk Wieczorek, Year 12

I decided to join St. Michael's Sixth Form for a few reasons and I will explain them below. When I had to choose the Sixth Form I wanted to go to I took into account my grandad’s motto who often says ' If something isn’t broken don't fix it '. I also remembered Mr Pisano (my maths teacher for most of my GCSEs and my A-level Pure maths teacher) using an example of a student who was graded an A* in their GCSEs but decided to move to another Sixth Form they believed had a  'higher level of teaching/education' however they returned to St Michael’s soon after realising they were incorrect. This proves that if you've been graded an A*, surely the level of teaching at St. Michael's is very high and doesn’t require any change. I didn't get the highest possible grades in my GCSEs but they were good enough to do 3 A-levels. This was a combination of my teachers being very knowledgeable, teaching in effective ways, providing me with many resources for revision and always willing to help or explain something I did not understand the first time round in class, as well as my hard work in year 11. I know I did not work as hard in year 10 as I did in year 11, I cannot blame the teachers at all for me not getting the highest possible grades since they did what they were supposed to perfectly. Going back to my point about my grandad’s motto I have to admit, I wanted to go to a different Sixth Form earlier in school. At this time (year 8 and year 9) I used to mess about in lessons, not take school seriously and didn’t enjoy school, thinking I was getting singled out by teachers and wanting to go somewhere else. I stopped this behaviour in year 10 and realised my attitude was the problem, that I needed to change and the school itself had no issues. Another reason why I decided to stay at St. Michael’s was because I did not want to go through the process of going to a new school not knowing how things operate there, where everything is and having not many close friends. I didn’t want to repeat this as I’ve already been through it during my transition from primary to secondary school where I moved from London to Watford and didn’t know anyone during the beginning of year 7 and felt lonely at this time. Three of my close friends also decided to stay at St. Michaels, who always supported and motivated me and who I enjoyed spending time with. I wanted to carry on being with them to continue our close friendship which I unfortunately couldn't with some people who decided to go elsewhere after GCSEs. I believed going through that again would be unnecessary stress and I wouldn't have been happy anywhere else like I am now. Finally, the previously mentioned staff were the last factor affecting my decision to stay. The staff were always respectful towards me and checked up on me which did not go unnoticed when it came down to deciding where I want to go after GCSEs. My A-level choices have been a combination of what I find interesting and what I did well at in GCSE. Maths, Biology and PE has been taught in a way that makes me want to gain more knowledge in those areas and I would consider doing something related to them at university level. I did not even apply anywhere else because without a second thought I knew I wanted to stay at St. Michael's for the next step of my education and my parents wanted this for me too.

Thomas Leavey, Year 12

After receiving my GCSE results, I couldn’t decide where to continue my studies but eventually, I chose to go to another school based on its reputation. Almost immediately after starting my A Levels there, it became apparent to me just how much I missed St Michael’s, so I decided to come back. Despite the fact I was starting later than everyone else, they made sure that I would be able to study the subjects that I wanted to take and they arranged for me to start back the next day. For me, the best thing about St Michael’s is the real sense of community. My teachers used to say that St Michael’s is like a family, and I never really understood what they meant until I left. Right from the beginning, the teachers treat you with respect and courtesy that you just wouldn’t see anywhere else. What separates St Michael’s from every other school is their ability to treat each student individually. Every teacher I’ve had seems to genuinely enjoy their job and this is evident from the care they show to you. The quality of the teaching here is second to none. No matter how good you are at something, the teachers are always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that you’re comfortable with the work. I’ve been really lucky to have the opportunity to study at St Michael’s and it’s down to their commitment that I was able to get such a good set of GCSE results. I’m currently taking A Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics, with the ambition of studying Mathematics at Cambridge. Whilst this is a phenomenally high goal, I really do believe that there is no school that could provide more support to help me get there.

Giorgia Ferro, Year 13 - Past Student

When it came to choosing a Sixth Form to continue my education at, St Michael’s seemed an obvious choice for me.  For 5 years, St Michael’s had provided me with an overwhelming sense of comfort and belonging that I know would be difficult to find anywhere else.  My knowledge of St Michael’s Sixth Form stood me in good stead to know that I would have access to brilliant courses taught by dedicated teachers, as well as being surrounded by motivated students.  However, after being a part of the Sixth Form, I am now aware of how much more the school has to offer.  Seeing my own brother and many friends progress through, I knew St Michael’s was the perfect choice to grow as an individual, preparing me for university, in addition to adulthood in general.  From the first day, the pastoral care and the level of academic support became apparent. Despite the large shift from GCSE’s to A Levels, the school supported each and every one of the Sixth Formers through this difficult educational transition.  During this time in Sixth Form, many big, life-changing decisions have to be made, so this support became crucial and extremely beneficial.  The extensive opportunities available at St Michael’s allowed me to broaden my horizons outside of the classroom as well.  From community placements, helping younger students excel in their own academic journeys, to participating in sporting events, musical productions, public speaking competitions and becoming prefects, allow students at St Michael’s to experience a well-rounded and varied 2 years away from their chosen courses.  These opportunities are vital in providing new skills, but also preparing students for life beyond school.  St Michael’s Sixth Form has been an exhilarating and enjoyable experience.  It has helped me to decide on a university course, explore future options past university and put me in the best possible position to create a successful application to universities.  St Michael’s provides its students with a variety of opportunities to excel academically and develop your own individual character, making each and every one of its students unique.  The school has helped me to develop into a young adult and taught me the type of person I would like to become.

Eva Woods, Year 13 - Past Student

Choosing to stay at St Michael’s Catholic High School was an easy decision for me to make.  After attending the school for five years I have built up strong relationships with my peers and teachers, which provided me with a lot of support outside of my academic subjects.  St Michael’s gave me a sense of belonging and comfort which I think I would fail to find and rebuild in two years elsewhere.  Through the guidance and support I received during my GCSE’s I knew that the teachers were aware of my strengths and weaknesses and would be able to guide me through my A Level journey.  Because Sixth Form is a big change the teachers pastoral care was apparent from the start.  From talks about managing time and workload to discussions with subject teachers to make sure we made the right choices shows the level of commitment our teachers have.  Another attractive factor about St Michael’s is the opportunities offered outside of the classroom.  From community placements to visiting speakers, the school offers you great resources to allow your personal statement to stand out if applying for university if it is the path you decide to take.  I am very glad I chose to stay at St Michael’s as it has developed me into the person I am today.

Laurianne Peter, - Past Student
After my GCSEs I thought I wanted ‘a change of scene’ and that the other school that I was going to would offer me more…but boy, was I wrong.  After spending a week at a new school, I knew without hesitation, that I had to return to St Michael’s.  I chose to come back for a number of reasons.  Firstly, I am no stranger to the community and the support offered a St Michael’s; something I’d not seen in the other schools visited.  This is especially demonstrated in the school’s unique ethos of: ‘Bringing Christ to All and All to Christ’.  The significant difference that I truly believe separates St Michael’s from other schools is the genuine care the staff have for students; they care for you as an individual and about your well-being as well, of course, as your academic progress.

Secondly, I was already aware of the excellent quality of teaching: I couldn’t have been more thankful for the personal support that I received, both before and during my studies for GCSEs; if it weren’t for the teachers continuously sacrificing their break and lunchtimes to help me, I would have never achieved the results I did.  Through the flexibility, patience and advice of the teachers I am now studying subjects I love and hope to excel in.

Thirdly, St Michael’s provides a wide range of opportunities for the Sixth Form.  These include fundraising events such as the Sponsored Walk and Lenten Campaign to stand up for social justice, community placement and becoming a prefect.  These have allowed me to improve and develop my communication skills and ability to work in a team.  The Sixth Form blog, which is updated regularly, is full of useful notices and possibilities that we can apply for, such as: University Open Days, Taster lessons and many other support devices.

Ethan Brewer, - Past Student

I knew that St Michael’s was the only plausible pathway for me to further my education after my GCSE’s.  Throughout my 5 years, the quality of care and impeccable standard of learning has been second to none, a family in which I am unimaginably proud to belong.  From the always helpful guidance given by each and every teacher to the vast facilities and bubbling spirit between students, I always know St Michael’s was the only place for me.

Elizabeth Hall, - Past Student

Choosing to stay on at St Michael’s Sixth Form has enabled me to continue to grow both academically and personally.  It was an easy decision to stay on at the Sixth Form, as I knew that the school alongside the teaching could provide me with the best sixth form education.  The support and guidance I am receiving as a year 12 student is proving to invaluable in helping me achieve my ambition of studying at university.  Sixth form has enabled me to continue to develop my independence as a learner and with the help and knowledge provided by the teachers, I am certain to achieve the A level results I am aiming for.

Sebastien Sanseau, - Past Student

There isn’t anything that another school can do that St Michael’s can’t.  I flourished at St Michael’s, both as a person and academically.  I have no regrets about coming back; this is where I truly belong.

After completing my GCSEs at St Michael’s, I was faced with the decision of choosing which path to go down, with the help of St Michael’s I was able to achieve grades at GCSE that gave me many options for the next two years of my education.  After much thought, I felt that remaining a student at St Michael’s would be the best course of action.  Having spent five years at the school and utilizing the staff and resources to help me achieve my maximum potential in my GCSE exams, to me, it seemed logical that the school would again be able to help me tremendously to achieve my potential at A levels like they have for the last five years.

Victoria Allum, - Past Student

I have attended St Michael’s since year 7.  I am now in my final year of A levels and I am studying Geography, Philosophy and Ethics and Sociology.  I chose to stay at St Michael’s because of the support I have always received from all my teachers.  I have been very fortunate to go on pilgrimage to Lourdes twice and also participate in the school productions.  Life at St Michael’s is always busy but I feel the teachers really explain their expectations well and that someone is always on hand if I need any help.  I would recommend St Michael’s Sixth Form to anyone who is looking for a nurturing environment but also where the staff encourage you to strive and reach your full potential.

Reece Jarman, - Past Student

For me coming back to St Michael’s was an extremely easy choice.  Originally, after year 11, I wanted to leave as I though other schools would be better suited to my academic abilities, however, after looking around other schools, you quickly learn that no other school strives for our success as much as St Michael’s.  After seeing other school’s departments, such as their Geography department, I realised the best way forward for me academically was to continue at St Michael’s to progress onto university.

Francesca Napolitano, - Past Student

There are so many reasons why I could never have imagined leaving St Michael’s to go to a new Sixth Form.  The professional relationship between the teachers and the students at our school is like no other.  The amount of extra help I’ve been given throughout my GCSE’s and now my A Levels has helped me massively.  I would never have been able to get the results I achieved last year without the true commitment of our staff.  The A Levels I’m currently taking are Biology, Psychology and Chemistry.  When I leave school, I hope to read medicine.  Although this is a very high goal, I believe that I have a much better chance of succeeding in this with the dedication of the teachers here, who have already offered to give up their free time in order to go through some topics I’m struggling with.  This is what makes St Michael’s different from any other school I know.

Eoin Canning, - Past Student

I chose to come back to St Michael’s Catholic High School as I believe this is the best environment for me to progress further in my studies and help develop my character in a positive way.  Throughout my school life I have been blessed with opportunities to help others and myself progress as a person.  The school ethos is absolutely remarkable and is a key feature in my decision to stay on at Sixth Form.  The staff here sum up the nurturing and friendly atmosphere, which is further expressed through the togetherness of everyone is our fundraising schemes.  This really helped me realise how lucky I am and that our teachers are a gift that we shouldn’t take for granted.  The relentless advice and homework setting enabled me to get 5 grade 7’s (A’s) in my GCSE’s.  For my A Levels I chose Geography, History and PE as these set of subject I feel very passionate about although I am unsure of what particular future lies ahead of me.  Finally, I chose this Sixth Form over others because the continuous help given to me and the warm, welcoming environment is allowing me to achieve my goals daily.  I hope you can enjoy St Michael’s Sixth Form just as much as I am.

Heather Keilty, - Past Student

From the start of year 7 and throughout the 5 years as a student at St Michael’s, the amazing teachers and facilities at the school made the journey through GCSE’s as easy and reassuring as possible.  The support from the staff at St Michael’s gave me so much confidence within my education, which is the main reason why I decided to stay and complete my A Levels here.  Compared to other schools that I visited I felt that not many other schools had private studing areas and facilities for the Sixth Form at St Michael’s, the Aquinas centre provides a space away from the rest of the school that makes this independent study area a quiet escape from a busy school.

Alison Dwyer, - Past Student

Over the past five years that I’ve attended St Michael’s, it has taught me the roles of responsibility, respect, teamwork and friendship, which has ultimately led me to become a better and wiser person.  Therefore, I chose to continue my amazing journey at this school as well as the ongoing support I have received in the time I’ve been here.

Carmen Dolarea, - Past Student

My experiences at St Michael’s since the day I first joined in September 2016 have been absolutely incredible.  Whilst studying at St Michael’s, not only have I acquired the best academic skills I could ever ask for, with the company of the fantastic friends I have been able to make here.  Thanks to St Michael’s, I have been given the opportunity to learn and grow as a person, to help all those who need it and to always strive for excellence.  There has been unconditional support of all my teachers, who have done the impossible in order to help every single student to succeed.  Taking into account that this, is my case, has entailed more effort from their part due to the fact that English is my second language.  These reasons made me choose St Michael’s over any other Sixth Forms.  I am certain that here I am going to continue maturing and learning how to be a better person.  Moreover, I am sure that at St Michael’s I will be able to achieve what I need to achieve in order to study Business and International Relations in the near future.

David Fitzgerald, - Past Student

I was very happy to return to St Michael’s as the 5 years before hand had met my academic and social needs.  The teachers here are very welcoming and friendly towards Sixth Form students, granting us the freedom to ask questions openly and keep in contact with teachers during after school hours to help with assignments and homework.  As well as this the Sixth Form common room offers a lot of seating areas to catch up with friends and talk about our school life.  St Michael’s also offers students great experiences and schemes to help others and to improve ourselves as people, such as the buddy system in which a student is partnered with a year 7 to help with their queries and any troubles they are having.  This gives us a sense of responsibility and pride in the impact they are having on a younger person’s life by acting as a role model.

Anna Yadala, - Past Student

I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology with the aspiration of studying medicine.  One of the reasons I chose to continue at St Michael’s for Sixth Form is because of the sense of community and familiarity I feel.  I know that all my teachers are here constantly to help me whenever I need them and the St Michael’s community is tightly knit to make me feel comfortable.

Grace Rios, - Past Student

Personally, I chose to return to St Michael’s because I felt that I would get the support needed to excel in my later life.  At this school I feel comfortable to express my thoughts, present my ideas and learn from my mistakes with help from my peers and teachers.  I am currently studying Spanish, Media and Btec Business.  I gained experience by practising Spanish at home with my family.  Thus in the future I hope to go to university to study media journalism or languages.

Dean Lobo, - Past Student

I decided to stay at St Michael’s because of the community atmosphere.  By the time that you have completed your GCSE’s, you will be treated with a level of respect and trust from teachers that allows you to take advantage of freedoms that you don’t have in previous years.  Help is always on hand which provides a sense of security and comfort.  Throughout your next two years, many chances to excel not just academically, but pastorally are offered to you and I encourage you take full advantage of what this school offers.  From community placements to prefect roles, by the time you leave, you will have both achieved academic success and made memories that will stick with you and carry your forward in life.


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