Spiritual Life

God grant that I may always be a lover and a proclaimer of the truth.

St Catherine of Sienna

St Michael's School was founded by the Dominicans in 1955 and this tradition is continued through our school motto "Veritas" – to pursue truth in all things: study, work and caring for others.

Central to the work of the school are prayer and worship, pastoral support and the promotion of social justice as reflected in our school Mission Statement:

Bringing Christ to All and All to Christ.

Our school community provides an atmosphere of learning permeated with faith; encouraging students to give of their best and so reflect the goodness of God's plan and creation.

We cherish our Catholic belief and identity at the same time seeking to ensure that all students have an understanding of the diverse religious cultures in Britain today.

An act of worship takes place daily by form groups during registration. Year assemblies take place every afternoon in the Chapel allowing students to reflect upon a given theme linked to the Liturgical year.

The school comes together frequently for prayer and worship.  Mass is celebrated on Holy Days of Obligation and each day in the Chapel of St Dominic.  Students are encouraged to develop their faith by participating in a variety of prayer experiences, liturgies and services of reconciliation.  The school has a full-time chaplain: Fr Terkura Igbe C.S.S.P. who works alongside students and staff encouraging and helping to create a deeper, spiritual environment within our school community.

Days of retreat and reflection are considered to be an important part of all the students spiritual and personal developments and opportunities are provided for students in year 10 and 12 to go on pilgrimage to Lourdes.

As a Catholic school, it is an important part of our duty to help those in need and the whole school takes an active part in fundraising during Advent and Lent to support our brothers and sisters within our own community and around the world.