Borehole Water Projects, Nigeria

As part of our commitment to Social Justice the school community has raised funds to facilitate the installation of x2 Water Boreholes in remote villages in Nigeria in 2021-2023 literally transforming the lives of so many.

The water hole project in Agera was recently completed and information can be found here  AgeraReportAB-1.docx

Letter from Fr. Terkua Igbe - Sept 2023

I am delighted that you will be sponsoring another borehole in Benue State, Nigeria.

Your fight for social justice continues to go stronger – taking various dimensions beyond the walls of St. Michael’s. It is not surprising that with your collective efforts, 3 water projects have been completed. The first water project was at Mbausu (My father’s natal village), in Vandeikya Local Government. The second water project was at Mbagbera, also in Vandeikya Local Government. The third and the most recent water project was at Agera in Konshisha Local Government. You have brought life and freshness to all the above-mentioned communities.

While I was home in Nigeria for holiday, I visited a village community in Gboko Local Government. The village is in the sub-ward of Mbashimbe, Mba Agule in the Mbakpegh ward of the District of Ipav. This village has a population of 150 000. The provision of clean water to this village community will drastically contribute to the wellbeing of the entire community.

Waterborne diseases are still prevalent in most parts of Benue State. In all the 36 State in the Federation, Benue State is one of the deprived States. The indigents cannot always rely on the Government to provide the infrastructures such as clean boreholes for clean portable water.

I believe the school children will gain a lot of time to give quality time to their schoolwork instead of the long treks in search of water in surrounding streams. It will also be exciting for children to see tap water for the first time. This may sound funny but unlike children living in more advanced society where water tap running water is a given.

The ladies at the village will have access to clean water which is vital for drinking and cooking. I hope this helps in getting a little insight on the necessity of a water project at this village.

Fr. Terkura Igbe.