Welcome to PSHE Year 7-11 at St Michael’s Catholic High School

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

& Relationship and Sex Education (RSE)


At St Michael’s Catholic High School, personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education and relationship & sex education (RSE) is an embedded part of our broad and balanced curriculum. Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development is at the heart of our school ethos. British Values are promoted through the overarching aims and objectives of PSHE/ RSE by supporting our students to become healthy and responsible members of society, as well as preparing them for life and work in modern Britain.


The intent of our PSHE curriculum is to allow students to develop skills and attributes such as resilience, self-esteem, risk-management, team working and critical thinking whilst giving students opportunities to develop their understanding of democracy and justice, rights and responsibilities plus identities and diversity.

To embrace the challenges of creating a happy and successful adult life, students need knowledge that will enable them to make informed decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships and to build their self-efficacy. Students can also put this knowledge into practice as they develop the capacity to make sound decisions when facing risks, challenges and complex contexts. Everyone faces difficult situations in their lives. PSHE can support young people to develop resilience, to know how and when to ask for help, and to know where to access support. We provide our students with opportunities to learn about rights and responsibilities and appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse society. Our students are encouraged to develop their sense of self-worth by playing a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community.

The PSHE department aims are therefore to create:

  • Successful students who enjoy learning, making progress and achieving.
  • Confident and autonomous students who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Students who can make informed judgements and have an understanding of the biological, social, emotional, legal, religious, moral and pastoral aspects of sex, sexuality and family life.
  • Responsible students who make a positive contribution to society.
  • Students who understand and convey the values and teaching of the Catholic Church, making them aware of the fullness and meaning of life rooted in the love of God.


Our PSHE/ RSE programme of learning and wider curriculum will enable students to meet the End of Key Stage Statements as set out in the Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education Guidance 2019.

Our PSHE programme is an integral part of our whole school PSHE education provision and is designed to meet the unique needs of students, not only through the Ten: Ten (RSE) and PSHE Association Scheme of Work, but through our wider curriculum offer.

Ten: Ten Resources helps our school community grow in faith, love, understanding and compassion. We use a wide-range of unique media-rich programmes and resources, inspired by our Christian faith. These open learning activities also provide students the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding to equip them for the wider world.

Our ever-expanding wider provision of PSHE promotes opportunities to link British Values and Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) responsibilities. Along with our broad and balanced curriculum, there are overlaps with other subjects, for example:

  • Computing (E-Safety, Cyberbullying & Sexting)
  • Science (Reproduction, Stem Cells & Menstruation)
  • PE (Leading healthy active lives)
  • Food technology (Healthy & Balanced Diets, Risk assessments)
  • Geography (Economics in our changing world)
  • Religious Education (Valuing different religions, Marriage, Bereavement)
  • Technology (Personal safety, Careers & Team building)
  • Drama (Building positive relationships, Equal opportunities, Mental & emotional health)
  • English (Identity, Mental health, Resilience)
  • Business (Careers, Enterprise, Employability Skills)

Flexibility in the timetable needs to be accounted for as objectives for PSHE education, which will be met outside of the allocated timetable slot. Flexibility in the timetable is also important to allow us as a school to respond to local/ national/ global events that may occur and allow us to respond to any such event in an age appropriate way. The distribution of lessons complements key campaigns throughout the year, such as:

  • Anti- Bullying Week
  • Black History Month
  • Mental Health Awareness Week
  • Pride Month
  • Women’s Month
  • World Cancer Day amongst others.


At St Michael’s Catholic High School we deliver the PSHE/ RSE curriculum by utilising first hand experience and sharing good practice. However we are aware that the delivered curriculum must reflect the needs of our students. We expect our staff to use a PSHE programme to equip students with a sound understanding of risk and with the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions in life. We believe the purpose of PSHE/ RSE education is to build, where appropriate, on the statutory guidance outlined by the Department of Education and The Diocese of Westminster.

Form tutors deliver PSHE / RSE weekly. You can view our curriculum by year group through the KS3 & kS4 TAB BELOW. The scheme has been devised to celebrate life, and seeks to develop an understanding of the complexities of human relationships.

We believe that PSHE/ RSE plays a vital role in secondary education and as well as discrete focused lessons, it is also embedded throughout the curriculum. PSHE/ RSE is integral to the development of our student’s values in order for them to become positive members of an ever changing society. PSHE/ RSE is an important part of school assemblies where student’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural curiosity is stimulated, challenged and nurtured.

Right to withdraw from RSE. Please be aware that parents will continue to have a right to request to withdraw their child from sex education delivered as part of RSE in secondary schools which, unless there are exceptional circumstances, should be granted up to three terms before their child turns 16. At this point, if the child themselves wishes to receive sex education rather than be withdrawn, the school should plan for this to happen in one of the three terms before the child turns 16 - the legal age of sexual consent. There is no right to withdraw from Relationships Education as the content of these subjects – such as family, friendship, safety (including online safety) – are important for all students to be taught. If a parent/ carer wishes to withdraw their child from sex education they must complete the Right to withdraw from RSE letter below and send to Miss E Scanlon (PSHE Co-ordinator) to request this.

If you have any questions regarding the PSHE/ RSE course at St Michael’s, please contact:


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