Sixth Form Dress Code

We recognise the growing independence and maturity of our Sixth Form students and want to reflect that in a dress code which is suitable for a professional working environment. The dress code attempts to strike a balance between a degree of individuality whilst still recognising that our Sixth form students are seen by both the wider community and our younger students as role models. The intention is to promote fairness and equality for all students in our Sixth Form, in addition to them developing a more adult image.

Students should be dressed:

· in business attire

· as appropriate for a job interview / as appropriate for a workplace

· in full dress code for public examinations

Students must remember that they are in a Catholic community, and therefore should dress with dignity, pride and respect at all times. Students must remember they are dressing for school and not for a social occasion.

Monitoring dress code

In the first instance dress code will be monitored by the Form Tutor, but any member of staff can address students who fall short of our expectations.

1. A verbal warning will be given by the Form Tutor on the first occasion of a dress code violation.

2. An email will be sent home by the Sixth Form Team for a second occasion.

3. Continual violations of the Sixth Form dress code will result in the student being sent home to change. This is NOT our preferred option. The final decision on suitability of dress rests with the Director of Sixth Form. If you are in breach of this dress code, you will be sent home – if in doubt, it is probably unacceptable or inappropriate.


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