For Parents :

The role of parents in ensuring the safety of your son or daughter online is becoming increasingly important. However we realise that the technology changes very quickly and your children will often be more confident in using the social networking websites etc than you are. We also realise that there is a fine line as a parent between checking and monitoring the use of the internet with your child and invading their privacy. At St Michael’s we would ask you to have regular conversations and agreed monitoring of how your son or daughter uses social networking to help us combat and avoid problems arising from the use of these websites.

The purpose of this page is to

  1.  give you some information about how students use the internet
  2.  provide you with some tips about what you can do to help your son/ daughter stay safe
  3.  provide you with links about where to find more information
  4.  inform you about the education students receive at school in relation to eSafety

St Michael's Catholic High School E-Safety Policy

Online Safety

CEOP's Advice Centre and for reporting abuse