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The DoWAT Family

DoWAT is one of the oldest and consistently high performing mid-sized Catholic Multi-Academy Trusts in England. We aim to be a Cathedral of Catholic Education. A beacon of educational best practice, we protect and enhance the Catholic Tradition of Education through excellence in leadership, teaching and learning and resource management. Our strategic focus is to ensure that each DoWAT school fulfils its mission statement through Christ-centred, Child-centred decision making to deliver the challenge in Canon Law to be at least ‘as outstanding’ as any schools in our locality.

As a trust of high performing Catholic schools, DoWAT is committed to working together in Catholic Excellence - collaboratively, with integrity and transparency. We model leadership across the trust on the example of our Teacher, Jesus Christ, ‘who came...to serve.’ We believe that we are stronger together: creating Catholic learning communities in communion who enhance the unique history, character and charism of each school whilst serving the common good. This ensures that DoWAT learners encounter formation that enables them to be the very best version of themselves to ‘live life to the full’. DoWAT leaders are committed to the Gospel Values articulated in the Beatitudes, to our own schools and to each school across the Trust and the common good.

The DoWAT family of schools stretches from DoWAT South - St Mark’s in Hounslow, through Hillingdon and including Brent – through to DoWAT North incorporating St Albans and schools across Hertfordshire. MAT growth should compliment the DoWAT family and the Diocesan CAT formations.  It will allow schools to build upon the principle of communion as a ‘workable and durable reality’ that ‘protects, secures and develops’ the existing excellence and unique charism of each DoWAT school and potential partner schools. Schools joining DoWAT would add to the strongest mid-sized Catholic Multi-Academy Trust in the country.

Our contact details are below:-

The Diocese Of Westminster Academy Trust

CEO Patrick Murden

Waxwell House, 125 Waxwell Lane, Pinner, London HA5 3EP

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