Curriculum Overview

The Mission Statement recognises that Jesus Christ is the 'cornerstone' of all education at St Michael's Catholic High School.  The Mission Statement also reflects the charism of the Dominican Sisters, the founders of the school, to pursue truth and to strive for excellence in the education of young people.  

The school curriculum is not simply a structure of subjects, lessons and timetables that our students enjoy but is the sum of the many enriching experiences offered to the school community.  The curriculum both supports and challenges each individual to achieve excellence academically, spiritually, morally, physically, culturally and socially.  Belonging to such a community of faith will better equip each person to make a positive contribution to the world, respecting the dignity of every human being made in God's image. 

St Michael's Catholic High School sees the purpose of learning as inspiring students: 

1.       To help develop lively, enquiring minds, the ability to question and argue rationally and to apply themselves to tasks and physical skills. 

2.       To help to acquire understanding, knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and employment in a fast changing world. 

3.       To help use language and numbers effectively. 

4.       To help develop personal moral values and 'respect' for other races, religions and ways of life. 

5.       To help understand the world in which they live and the independence of individuals, groups and nations. 

6.       To help appreciate human achievements. 

The aims are an integral part of our curriculum and with those of the school, underpin all that we do.  In addition, each student is entitled to a broad, balanced and fully inclusive curriculum, differentiated to challenge and relevant to his/her needs.  In providing for this entitlement all aspects of the curriculum will be informed and challenged by a commitment to Equal Opportunities, particularly by a commitment to afford each student access to the curriculum by matching their work to intelligence.  

The formal curriculum must also ensure progression and continuity from KS3 to KS4 and into the Sixth Form.  This will be achieved by building on acquired skills and knowledge and will be experienced as coherent and complementary in its framework and components. 

We believe our curriculum makes a difference to who our students are and who they will become, and fosters in our students a sense of striving for excellence. The curriculum gives them the currency – in knowledge and skills, examination results and enriched experiences – necessary to take their next exciting, informed and ambitious steps.


St Michael's Catholic High School Curriculum Statement