The Pilgrimage Club

Each May the Society of Our Lady of Lourdes organise a pilgrimage to Lourdes of approximately 200 sick and elderly people, accompanied by a specialist team of doctors and nurses to care for them. St Michael’s sends 25 Year 10 students and 5 members of staff to support the work these volunteers do. The impact of the pilgrimage on both students and staff is life changing.  We have witnessed huge changes in the attitude and maturity of the students both in the weeks building up to, and following the pilgrimage.

The pilgrimages offer the opportunity of profound personal development to our students: there are some difficult situations - pilgrims who are in a lot of pain, pilgrims who are without sight or hearing, pilgrims who cannot communicate verbally, pilgrims who are dying - but the patience, understanding and time offered to the sick is heartening.

Financing the Students

The cost of the Pilgrimage is expensive – this year over £720 per person.

The students make a financial contribution towards the cost of the pilgrimage, but unfortunately the school is no longer funded to support the cost of this pilgrimage.  We are constantly seeking sponsorship and help from friends and businesses.

Our students do their bit too, fundraising to cover the cost of the pilgrimage, but to make the pilgrimage more sustainable over the long run we are looking for continued support by way of pledges to enable us to send our students to Lourdes for years to come.

Without the continued support of friends and businesses this pilgrimage will not be able to continue and all our good work will be undone.

The Pilgrimage Club

The Pilgrimage Club is a pioneering venture, made up of a remarkable group of community businesses in the Watford area, who will make the pilgrimage a reality for 25 St. Michael’s Year 10 students. We need members who will pledge to support these inspiring students to go on a life changing experience, and play a crucial role in keeping this time-honoured tradition alive in our community.

It won’t continue without your support!

We are looking for companies who will join the Pilgrimage Club and provide a continued form of support for the students of St. Michael’s and the pilgrims.

  • You may pledge as little as £720, the cost of the pilgrimage per student. This can be paid in 12 simple monthly payments of £60 per month.
  • As an Ambassador if you pledge for two years, you will receive bronze membership, for three years silver membership, four years gold, and for 5 or more years, you will receive platinum membership.
  • Your company will be recognised as Ambassadors of the school and promoted through all means possible. Each member organisation will feature on a plaque mounted on the school wall as a constant reminder of your support of our students, as well as your logo on our school website.

Thank you to all the sponsors and supporters of the Lourdes Pilgrimage 2018.

Representatives from these companies met Mr Conway to receive a framed certificate to thank them for their support.  These included Mr Pelley (The Loan Partnership), Mr Hallahan (Capital Services), Mr Hickey (Hickey Ltd) and Mr Hayward (Artscreen UK).