Youth Connexions

The Careers Department in St Michael’s works closely with YC Herts (formerly youth connexions) Service. 

The object is to provide Careers, education, information support and guidance for our students as they make decisions concerning their futures. A Connexions Room is available to all Students. Here, they can research resources and materials, providing information on further education, higher education, Apprenticeships and occupations.  Prospectuses and guides and the internet (on dedicated computers) are available, as is information on local employment and gap years

All students aged 14-18 years old can request an interview with one of the YC Herts Advisers. YC Herts Personal Advisers are experienced in delivering individualised, impartial careers, information, advice and guidance to young people and come in to the school weekly.  They are knowledgeable about local, regional and national opportunities with access to a wealth of up to date information, are skilled in tailoring careers information, advice and guidance to individual needs.  They can draw additional resources to support individual needs, have current, enhanced DBS clearance and receive regular performance management and supervision.  All Students may also drop in informally to meet them.

Our Adviser is AMY MOORES.

Students are encouraged to be pro-active in researching all options available.  They are expected to be well-informed, to discuss options, to accept advice, but ultimately, to be responsible for their decisions.  In this they will be supported by their SLT, Head of Year, their tutors, the YC Herts Co-ordinator and the YC Herts Personal Adviser.

Careers Policy