Dress Code

We hope that our Sixth Form dress code is seen by students as one of the first steps towards maintaining high standards that are essential for success.

We recognise the growing independence and maturity of our Sixth Form students and want to reflect that in a dress code which is suitable for a professional working environment.

The dress code attempts to strike a balance between a degree of individuality whilst still recognising that our Sixth form students are seen by both the wider community and our younger students as role models.

The intention is to promote fairness and equality for both boys and girls in our Sixth Form, in addition to them developing a more adult image.

Form Tutors manage the monitoring of the dress code on a daily basis and we are always willing to discuss where our Sixth Form community think it can be improved. The Director of Sixth Form will ultimately decide what is suitable and what is not.

Please Download our Sixth Form Dress Code Presentation below.


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