My name is Erin Keane, and I am one of the new head students. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, and I am hoping to go on to study medicine at university, with the aim of becoming a paediatric doctor. My role as head student is specific to academic teaching and learning. This year there are 2 deputy head students allocated to each section of the team, in the academic team, this is Harry and Emily. In addition to this, there are 5 other student leaders: Eoin, Freddie, Jezrin, Kylie and Lucas. As a team, we are excited to begin making an impact on not only the sixth form but also the lower school. Following feedback from previous years, various improvements have been made to the team to ensure it works efficiently to create the best outcomes. For example, each member of the team has an assigned role, for example focusing on STEM & Aspire development or on GCSE interventions, giving each member of the team responsibilities. We are excited to begin making an impact on the school and already have a plethora of ideas which we are keen to implement, such as extracurricular activities and improvements to help make the transition from

year 11 to year 12 as easy and enjoyable as possible. We will work alongside the Culture & Ethos team as well as the Pastoral team, to ensure that we are able to provide the best opportunities for all St Michael’s students.

Erin Kean, Year 13 – Head Student