Year 13 – Head Student - CULTURE & ETHOS

Jeremiah Martins

Hi my name is Jeremiah Martins and I have recently been elected as one of the new head students. I am currently in year 12 studying Philosophy and Ethics, Psychology and Maths aiming to study Economics at university. I’m the head of the school's culture and ethos team and my team and I are looking forward to making improvements all across our school from year 7 all the way to year 13. Each member of the team has their own role, the team’s deputy head students Mia and Layla-Rose are in charge of sixth form rewards and environment sustainability and the other student leaders of the team are looking to integrate new social justice initiatives as well as different societies into the school. We will work alongside the Pastoral team and the Academic team in order to make sure we provide the best platform for students at St Michael’s to succeed.


Jeremiah Martins, Year 13 – Head Student