Mae McGaulley-Foy

Year 13 – Head Student - Culture and Ethos

My name is Mae McGaulley-Foy and I am a head student here at St Michaels. I  knowing that you are considering St Michaels as the place to continue your next step in education.

So a little bit about myself and my experience at St Michaels…

 I am in my last year of sixth form and I am studying PE, History and Criminology. I hope to be attending Loughborough university next year to study for a degree in physical education and my ultimate goal would be to return to St Michaels as a PE teacher. My inspiration for teaching was ignited by the fantastic teachers at St Michael. Since year 7 they have all shared their passions daily and will also instil a love of learning within you, as they have me.

I struggle to believe that 6 years ago I was in the same position as you experiencing my very first glimpse of this school on my own open evening, sat in the exact same seats as you are now. I was probably just as overwhelmed with all the new people, buildings and information as you are so please don’t worry, I understand how daunting this experience can be. From your form tutor, to all your subject teachers, to the senior leadership team and your headteacher Mr Conway every teacher will make every effort to know you individually and welcome you into our community, providing excellent support allowing you to flourish academically.

 Starting St Michaels for me was all about the new experiences and the newly gained independence that comes with secondary school. I did not handle this very well on my first day, in fact I leapt off the bus and ran home at the end of the day, preparing to tell my mum how brilliant St Michaels was and list off all my new friends and teachers, not realising I had left the entirety of my school bag and brand new pe kit on the bus, clearly, I was very excited.

 My journey is nearing an end at St Michaels, if I could I would turn back the clock in an instant and start my journey all over again. But I will tell you a few things I personally love about this school. In St Michaels opportunity is everywhere, there is no cookie cutter mould for students. You will always be encouraged to be yourselves and work hard at what you do whether that be getting involved in school productions, sports teams, maths challenges, creative writing competitions, science days or the school choir, there will always be somebody supporting you to achieve your own personal best in your own chosen fields of excellence.